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Many people may know about the traditional Tea Ceremony, but not many know about this particular tea ceremony using Buku Buku Cha or tea with foam. This tea is prepared with an infusion using roasted white rice or unpolished rice boiled in hard water or mineral water, then whipped until fluffy foam is formed.
This Buku Buku tea is also called the tea of happiness because of the meaning of the character which it is written with, and because the foam sticks to the nose creating a comic expression on the face of the person who is drinking it making the people nearby smile. This smile is called the smile of happiness.
After the World War II, this tradition almost disappeared due to the loss of many tools used in its preparation and the scarcity of rice. Fortunately, after 40 years, it was recovered and currently it’s being promoted as part of the Okinawan culture.
At this shop, you can enjoy the Buku Buku tea as well as prepare it following the instructions of the staff. The Tea Ceremony, as its name implies, is a “ceremony” but at this place rather than following strict ceremonious rules, it’s a matter of “enjoying” the moment when trying to make the foam and then savor it accompanied with a traditional Okinawan sweet such as Chinsuko or Kunpnen.*1

At the Gallery, you can buy the items created by young potters that are on display.

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